Statistics and GIS services for ecological research | Peter van Horssen

GreenStat is opgericht in september 2015. 

I have 15 years of experience in statistics and GIS (Geographic Information System) support in 'green' or  ecological consultancy. Research focussed on spatial statistics and population modelling, data visualisation and modelling of ecological and environmental data. I collaborated in projects related to environmental impact assessment, nature conservation advice and scientific ecological studies.

General ecological knowledge combined with technical knowledge of GIS and statistical procedures are my core competences. 

GreenStat provides services for statistics and GIS for ecological research. 

Statistical analysis in ecology can be tricky. Measurements are often correlated in space and time and repeatedly measured on the same object or at the same location.  This complicaties statistical analysis. I can provide consultancy for or performing analysis on this type of data. 

GreenStat can provides consultancy or assistance with (avian) population modelling and related subjects (mark-recpature,Integrated Population Modelling).

GGreenStat provides GIS support for ecological research, anything from (automatization of) mapping species distribution maps to complex spatial analysis involving many layers of data, data augmentation and data quality control.

view LinkedIn-profile View Linked-In Profile  Most of my work is published in (peer reviewd) articles and in reports.